Pioneer Works is organizing the first Hackathon in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Our goal is to bring together first-time hackers, of all ages and backgrounds, and experienced developers for 24 hours of learning and creating. We will house the event in our 25,000 square foot space and equal sized garden, bringing together anybody interested in creating, hacking, and expressing themselves through technology in a historic industrial building on the New York waterfront.


Our Goals: Learn. Build Community. Create.

What is a hackathon?

At a hackathon people from diverse backgrounds can come together to learn and express themselves through technology. It can be intimidating to go to a hackathon, but we want to foster an environment where asking a question isn't the most challenging part of your 24 hour hackathon experience. We also want "mentors," or experienced developers, to immerse themselves in the teams and participate side by side with newcomers. You can use any number of existing platforms and APIs to bring your ideas to life. While there are prizes, the main goals are to foster collaboration, learning, community, and the cross-pollination of ideas and disciplines. At Hack Red Hook we want to introduce people to each other, to ideas, and to bring together the Red Hook and greater Brooklyn community together.

What can I build?

There are no limitations to what you can build. Web apps, mobile apps, interactive art, hardware hacks - anything that involves technology. There will be local business suggesting problems to be tackled by hackers for the Red Hook community. Local problems for consideration would include but not be limited to: transportation, helping local business, coastal/environmental concerns, and community development.

Who can attend?

Anyone who wants to make ideas come to life. Anyone who wants to help the community. Anyone who wants to meet fun and interesting people while tackling challenging problems. Our goal is to empower people to learn and create. Whether you've never coded in your life or you were born with a computer in your hands we encourage you to participate. You don't have to be a current student.

What hardware can I use?

If you're working on a hardware hack you'll probably need some materials. Any special tech toys like Oculus Rifts, Kinects, Leap motions, Arduinos etc. should be brought to the hackathon by the hackers. We'll have some soldering stations and limited electronics.